Friday, 1 October 2021

Silence is Golden

One is alive. One is well. One is almost there!

This is a brief update, simply to allay any fears at my silence over these many months.

Strangely, the impact of Covid measures and so many restrictions and delays, has actually resulted in a diversion away from my quite modest plan of a cottage on the coast, to a rather adventurous proposition of the property of my dreams...

And the break from t'internet has been so very, very good, too.

Best swishes

Madam x

P.S. I do have some final footage from The Dollhouse yet to edit and upload.

Saturday, 5 June 2021

No Man's Land...

What is She up to? you might well ask...

I had rather hoped to be speaking to you in a podcast about the new FemDomVox website, and an exciting new premises. Instead, I'm caught up in a tricky situation of trying to fix a broken property chain in order to get to aforesaid exciting new premises. Conveyancing is never a pleasure, but particularly so due to the uncertainty and the restrictions of this pandemic, and with precious little available on the property market at present. And so, I'm yet again urgently house-hunting in Yorkshire, from Calderdale to the Coast, and it's a full-time occupation, believe me.

When I have news to share, I will, of course, do just that.

Now, run along.