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Madam Press is The Proprietress
The Dollhouse for Discipline & Punishment
The Babydoll Nursery for Infantilisation & Sissification

Fine Vintage Femdom Matriarch for male submission, correction, humiliation

Disciplinarian   Infantiliser   Sissifier   Femipulator

"My mother always said I was 'a proper little madam'."


The Dollhouse is located in England.
The Babydoll Nursery is fully equipped with cot, highchair & playpen.
Madam Press is highly selective & attendance is strictly limited.


Tel: 07538 212337
(no out of hours, no recorded messages, no call backs, rarely answered)
no postal address

Apply incl: femdom/fetish/BDSM interests & hopes/fears/fantasies & health/availability/duration


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The Dollhouse

The District Reformatory

The Wendy House

The Practice


Proprietress Press Ethos

Capture his mind, Restrain his body, Pacify his spirit, Control his desire, Discipline his behaviour, Manipulate his sex, Gag his cries, Force-feed his hunger, Sissify his dress, Nappy his manhood...

The man is belittled and kept in his place for his own good and her own pleasure.

He is a ward, an infant, a sissy, a doll, a pet, a toy, a plaything ... for a moment or a lifetime, as she so wishes. He is a vulnerable yet potent creation of the woman who controls and nurtures him, as is her prerogative. The adult male is enticed and regressed by the adult female and forced into a helpless and vulnerable state in her delicate hands. The man is physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually dominated and manipulated by the woman. He is immobilised and incapacitated, disciplined and humiliated by her. He is made to submit to her will, her whim and her desire. The man is stripped of his adult status and he is laid bare by her natural seductive power and control. The woman utilises her womanly wiles and charms to emasculate and disempower the man. His freedom of choice and movement is taken from him and he must do as the woman demands for her pleasure or suffer her displeasure. He is kept as a plaything in restraint and containment by his female owner. He loses control of the most basic of functions of movement, feeding, toileting and sex. He is mocked and chastised, teased and cooed over, dressed in frills and fancies, displayed as a novelty, treated as a human toy for her entertainment. He is ashamed yet aroused at this humiliation and cruelty that he cannot stop. His inherent weakness is his sexual desire for seduction by the female and this is used against him by the provocative and powerful woman. His erect cock is the explicit manifestation of the desire that he cannot hide and she controls its pleasure and pain, release and restraint, as she sees fit. He is a dependant for his physical and sexual release and he must beg for her attention, her love, and her mercy. The man is belittled in this most fundamental form of male submission and female domination. Her feminine beauty is the natural weapon of the woman, and her high heels, black stockings, red lips and red nails adorn this.

He loves and hates it. He craves and fights it.

She does so love to tantalise and torment her playthings. She is so creative and cruel with her toys.

Adult Nursery
Nanny Governess Mummy Mommy Domme


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